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5Linx: A Profitable Venture?

How does 5Linx compare to One24 in terms of solid business opportunities?

If you are one of the many people who consider multilevel marketing as a way to be financially secure, you may have already come across the 5Linx business opportunity. If you have done your own research, this may be a review, if not, hopefully it will bring some clarity to some of the following questions:

What is 5 Linx?

Is 5 linx just a scam?

What are the pros and cons of 5 linx?

s this business opportunity worth venturing into?

5Linx – An Overview

5linx logo5Linx is a telecommunications company that offers competitive products and services to the communications industry. It is one of the leading companies that offer Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) at a competitive rate. It was started by Jeb Tyler, Craig Jerabeck, and Jason Guck.

Its services are available in the United States and in 20 countries overseas. In addition to telecommunications and cellular products, 5Linx also offers satellite TV services and even energy programs.

But the hype surrounding 5 Linx telecommunications is not merely its products and services but its multilevel marketing opportunity as well. 5Linx provides people with an income generating opportunity by becoming an independent distributor or representative. This leads to the issue of a 5 linx scam.

5 Linx – Scam Or Legitimate?

With the many different forms of scams making their rounds nowadays, it is not surprising that some people look at every multilevel marketing opportunity as a scam. But what guarantee can 5Linx representatives get that will give them confidence that 5Linx is legitimate?

5 Linx is an industry leader when it comes to VOIP products and services. It has been on the INC 500 list of fastest growing companies. In fact, it has a growth rate of around 800% in merely 3 years. It has already helped thousands of marketing representatives earn more. Furthermore, the company has been in the industry for quite a while now which makes it safer to be part of.

5 Linx Pros And Cons

Before joining an MLM opportunity, it is vital that you check out the pros and cons first. Here are the pros for 5 Linx:

  • 5Linx sells communication products and services that people need. It lets people sell products and services that are actually sell able. There is no need to spend hours or days doing the sales talk. There is no need for very long explanations.
  • 5Linx marketing representatives can earn more by setting up a team. Aside from the commission from customers’ bills, representatives can also earn from their down line.
  • 5Linx provides training and support to new representatives. Before anyone will be sent to actually sell the products and services, necessary training will first be provided.
  • The compensation plan is attractive. 5Linx representatives can earn from sponsoring new members. They also earn a commission or share from the monthly bills of their customers. Top sellers can get additional freebies like vacation, bonuses, and more.

The cons are:

  • You will need start up capital to get started in with 5Linx. This amount is considered as the initial investment. There is a one time fee of $499 and after that, there will be a monthly fee of $49.99. This fee includes the website with the products and services plus other features.
  • 5Linx recommends old school marketing methods which rely on word of mouth advertising.
  • Hard work is needed to earn more. It will take time and effort to actually build a team and earn significant income with the 5 Linx MLM business opportunity.

At this point, a couple things should be obvious:

  1. with 5linx, you have a great product/service to offer others, knowing that they are getting real value
  2. if  you plan to see any measurable return on your investment…you must be prepared to do a lot face to face promotion among your “warm market”

The reason for this is simple…the corporate focus of 5linx is on fantastic service…not advertising, marketing or lead generation, without which your business will not grow. Contrast that for example to a company like One24 who understands that people want a balanced approach.

5Linx vs. One24

Consider how your business might grow if you were presenting your opportunity to “the right people”, using “the right methods”? That is, attracting those looking for results or more income by demonstrating that through online leadership. What if you and your company touted success first, and products second?

Welcome to One24.

Let’s face it… most people will tell you they get into the home business/network marketing industry to make money, first and foremost; the products or services are secondary. One24 seems to understand that networkers care a whole lot more about earning a paycheck than they do about consuming amazing, albeit overpriced health products or receiving above average communications services.

By fixating less on the “amazing, never before seen products or services” – which of course is the industry battle cry – and more on helping members get sustainable results, One24, based on recent statistics, boasts a 90% retention rate. This of course stems from a long overdue balancing of compensation, product, advertising, marketing, training and general use of attraction marketing.

So, if it’s all about the great products or service, 5Linx or any number of other great companies can provide that. But, if its about getting results and having a realistic shot at creating a secondary income stream, a closer look into One24 or something similar may be warranted.

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