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A Thirty-One Review

The difference between a good product and a great paycheck.

Since the network marketing industry is comprised of 80% women networkers, it should come as no surprise that a company like Thirty-One, ThirtyOne, or mythirtyone as some refer to it, would be rockin’ it out. It seems that Cindy Monroe was on to something back in 2003 when she imagined a situation where women could access great and affordable items while at the same time building a solid income by introducing other women to the concept.


Thirty- One Products…What’s the attraction?

Thirty One consultants have access to products from purses/handbags, home accents and decorations to children’s items. Great thing is that many of these items can be customized and personalized to fit individual preferences.

thirty-one-productsI have personally met several women in this company, and they are passionate about Thirty-One’s products. This bodes well for duplication and sales originating from home parties etc.

Thirty-One is certainly valid as a company and should not be construed as a scam or “get rich quick scheme”. Significant income can be made through sponsoring and personal product sales. As I said, Thirty-One consultants are passionate about their products and this is critical.


Making money with ThirtyOne

It’s difficult to divulge much insight into the compensation plan as details are somewhat ambiguous until after joining. However, I do know that there are the typical bonuses and incentives available with some obligatory qualifiers.

A simple investment of $99 will get you in the door with a selection of products to retail and earn commissions on. A fast start bonus of sorts is available if you meet or exceed $1000 in sales within 60 days. Thirty-One consultants will of course be equipped with a replicated company website and be trained in, among other things, conducting home parties within their “circle of influence”.


Thirty-One Marketing

In order to produce results on a grand scale, if that is your goal, it may quickly become onerous to accomplish this utilizing the usual marketing methods, such as home parties, hotel meetings and other old school techniques. This is difficult to duplicate, as many potential recruits shy away upon discovering that they too must engage in these sometimes uncomfortable activities.

If you are looking to produce uniform results in your team, it may be worth comparing Thirty One to a company such as One24.

One24 seems to have grasped a concept that is glaringly obvious in 21century network marketing, yet it’s ignored by most traditional companies. People want to join a movement and make money…meaning they are attracted to leadership and results – specifically in marketing, lead generation and team growth!

Without these components, an exemplary product line is great, but somewhat insignificant. Sounds harsh, but it really is true…ask any current networker what their biggest struggle is…the answer will not be a “lousy product”!

It will be marketing and lead generation!

One24 gets this, which is why they promote 2 great products (but not necessarily “greatest ever”), along with a linear compensation plan (which doesn’t leave anyone behind) and a strong online sales funnel (including internet marketing training). After all, it’s about member results, not products. This could be why One24 boasts a 90%+ retention rate in an industry where 50% is considered amazing.

Here’s the bottom line…

Thirty One consultants have access to great products, and a strong company. And truth to tell, because it is predominantly geared toward women, hosting parties and meetings may work just fine for many. But, if massive team success is the desired outcome, then alternative marketing methods will be paramount.

This requires either a third party platform or a MLM company that already provides these components.

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