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Xyngular – hype or good marketing

What’s the difference between the Xyngular and One24 business opportunities?

It seems that there couldn’t possibly be room and market share for yet another health and wellness or diet company in the MLM space. But alas, Xyngular, founded in late 2009 by Marc Walker seems to be making an early name for itself. Marc, a key component in the success of MLM companies Xango and Nu Skin, brought his knowledge, experience and connections to bear with the unveiling of Xyngular.

The company did not really take off until late 2010, presumably spurred on by some heavy hitters who came on board and swung their teams over from other opportunities. But the important point it that it took off and is now active in 36 countries.

Is Xyngular anything special?

I believe that answer may be yes, but not because of their products necessarily. Xyngular’s flagship product seems to be the very effective weight loss supplement called Xyng – Fuel 4 Life. It is Xyngularavailable in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

From the numerous testimonials, it appears that the product does what it is purported to do, although because of some of the herbal ingredients, Xyng may not mesh well with some prescription medications. Here are the ingredients that make the alleged magic happen.

The following Xyng ingredients are per capsule:
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCI) 4 mg
Calcium (from coral) 20 mg
Magnesium (from coral) 10 mg
Chromium (as chromium polynicotinate) 120 mcg
Proprietary Blend:
Jet black cocoa seed extract, barley grass,
geranium flower extract (1,3 dimethylpentylamine),
trace mineral complex (AuaMin TM), kelp (whole plant),
phenylethylamine HCL 321 mg
Caffeine (from natural source) 90 mg
Vanadium (as vanadium chelate) 10 mcg

Metabolizing Blend:
Concentrated vegetarian emylase, protease and lipase 2.5 mg

But as I said earlier, the products while effective are certainly not revolutionary and can be bought through other MLM companies or even from retail shelves – ostensibly for a better price.

Xyngular pay structure done right

While Xyngular may not have hit out of the park with product originality, they did do it right with the compensation plan. It is nice to see someone finally realizing that people are really fed up with the same old when it comes to network marketing. It is no longer necessary to have a 97% failure rate in the industry, but the company owners seem to be the last ones to realize that.

Well Xyngular has stepped up by including some cool features in their compensation plan that such as a unilevel 8 tiers deep with no restrictions. Typically there are some insidious and strategically placed unilevel qualifiers to limit the payout obligation for the company.

Xyngular has also incorporated a straight line payout – you benefit from others even if they aren’t connected to you – which is funded by a 12% global bonus pool. In layman’s terms, this simply means that you have a chance to make money, even if you are not a “sponsoring monster”.

Is there a Xyngular downside?

Unfortunately, while not specific to Xyngular, yes there is a downside…the marketing. I sometimes feel like broken record, saying this, but the most important part of network marketing is still the marketing. A lot of money can be made with great marketing and a mediocre product, but the inverse is not so true.

Xyngular, while riding a great compensation plan, still does not have a good marketing platform or sales funnel. This leaves distributors to fend for themselves or resort to the dreaded “old school” methods of prospecting and recruitment.

So, all in all, Xyngular is solid company with a great comp plan, an effective but not so original product line and a lack in the marketing arena.

A better option might be a company who focuses much less on their “groundbreaking” products, and more on member results.

Xyngular vs. One24

Consider how the landscape would change if instead of pushing the “greatest product ever” onto glassy eyed hotel meeting attendees, you were part of a company who actually frowned on this type of worn out approach? What if this company had only one or two good products that are simply part of the overall income picture rather than being touted as the next “miracle cure”?

Welcome to One24.

Let’s face it…people come to the home business/network marketing industry to get paid, first and foremost; the products are secondary. One24 seems to understand that networkers care a whole lot more about getting a paycheck than they do about promoting and/or consuming amazing, albeit overpriced health products.

When you think of Xyngular, do you think fantastic marketing? No, you think about their flagship products and how people will love them, right?

Whereas, in One24, there is little fixation on the product, it’s simply a spoke in the wheel, which combined with the compensation plan and sophisticated online marketing funnel makes the 90% member retention rate much easier to understand.

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